Hollow Brook Farms is a certified organic first generation sugaring operation located in Cambridge/Westford, Vermont. It is owned and operated by Tyler Listenik and his wife, Amy. However, it would be tough to run successfully without the help of many family and friends.

When Ty was 10 years old, he would help a family friend make syrup in a small sugarhouse in Underhill, VT. He recalls saying, “one day, I am going to take over this sugarhouse.”

It wasn’t until many years later that Ty made his dream come true. Although not following that exact path, he was presented with the opportunity (by the same friend) to grow his sugaring dream.

Enter, Hollow Brook Farms…

After a few years of selling sap, Ty decided it was time to build his own sugarhouse. With the immense help of family and friends, the Hollow Brook Farms sugarhouse was built in 2013.

Hollow Brook Farms is committed to creating great tasting and ecologically produced syrup. The sugar house was built using trees harvested from the property. These trees also provide energy for the wood fired evaporator (keeping with tradition and reducing our dependency on foreign oil). The sugar woods are maintained to provide species diversity and tree health. We strive to provide high-quality Vermont maple products.


Member of the Vermont Sugar Makers Association
Farm Location: Buchanan Lane, Westford Vermont
Mailing Address: PO Box 161, Cambridge, VT 05444